Keep it Simple: 3 Keys to New Moon Magick

by Christina Lozano

The days leading up to the dark moon, the final few slivers of the waning crescent and the dark moon itself, might leave you with an aura of emptiness or exhaustion. Everyone experiences the phases of the moon a little differently, depending on your own inclination, awareness and sensitivity to the lunar cycles.

When the new moon appears, that first slice of light reflected into the night sky, it brings with it a new beginning. It is the start of a new cycle. It is an opportunity for a fresh start. Just as the sun rises and is reborn each morning, the moon is reborn at the new moon. The first few days of the crescent are still in the energy of the new moon, although it is technically considered the waxing moon.

Most people are familiar with the power of the Full Moon but overlook the other phases and their unique energetic opportunities. Esoteric Astrologer Aleksandra Ceho writes a great article about the moon phases and how they affect your subtle states of being. Each phase of the moon has its own special powers for magick and manifestation.

Since the beginning of time, spiritual practices as well as all religions (Western and Eastern alike) have honoured the moon by aligning their rituals and ceremonies to lunar phases (and solar events). Shamanic and earth-based tribal religions observed the natural cycles and celebrated them, similar to what we do in the Modern Mystery School’s Wiccan magick tradition. But you don’t need to be a pagan, shaman, or an expert in astrology to tap into this energy. While full moon rituals generally tend to be a bit more elaborate, which does usher in much joy, passion and power, simpler rituals can also summon a lot of clarity and strength.

Don’t underestimate the lack of complication in a ceremony. When it comes to your own personal New Moon Magick, keep it simple and see what happens!

Here are ideas for 3 New Moon rituals to start your lunar month off on the right track:

  1. Set a singular word intention. We over complicate things when it comes to intentions by writing out elaborate statements and missions. Don’t get me wrong, these do serve us — and I use them myself, too — however a singular word, one quality, one essence to focus on for the month can be a totally liberating and an equally expansive experience. If you have experienced the Modern Mystery School’s trademark mindfulness technique, Max Meditation SystemTM you will recall using a Kotodama, or a sacred word, to focus on during the guided meditation protocol. This is similar. Planting the seed of that one key facet that you desire in your life at the new moon, and focusing on it can bear enormous fruit. Pick one theme, one energy you want to carry with you during this lunar cycle and see how having that one laser focus unfolds for you. Maybe your intention is peace, or joy, or health, or love, or wisdom, or clarity…. Whatever it may be, there is no wrong or right.

How to work with that one-word intention:

    • Write it on a piece of paper and place it on your altar
    • Write it on the bathroom mirror that you use each morning, or on a sticky note in your office
    • Find a graphic you like with that word and make it the background on your phone
    • Write or attach the word on your water bottle. (Check out Dr. Emoto’s experiment on how intention affects water)
    • Use the one word in your Calling Upon Ritual that you learned in Empower Thyself

Key: Integrate your one-word intention into simple everyday aspects of life and observe as the moon begins to wax and grow in its power, so does this quality begin to evolve and expand into your life.


  1. Swap out the old for the new. If you missed doing a deep clean and decluttering with the waning moon (both literally and figuratively), that’s okay, because there is never a bad time to let go of the old and bring in the new! Make a commitment to yourself to choose to let go of at least one thing or clean and tidy one thing, one area of your home. If this is an overwhelming prospect to you, choose just one small area, aspect or section (such as a closet or drawer) and set a time limit that is reasonable for you. Maybe it’s 15 minutes, maybe it’s several hours. Work within your means. The purpose of the exercise is as symbolic as it is physical. The point is to do it, whether small or big: it means something. We all have something or some area that could use attention. Clear out space so you can replace it with new fresh energy. Once you’ve completed that one (small or large) clearing of space, do something that brings in new energy. For example:
    • Light fresh candles on your altar or in that room
    • Bring in some fresh flowers or a new plant into your home
    • Burn incense or white sage or another favourite smudge
    • Diffuse your favourite essential oils

Key: The way to turn a “letting go” into a “new beginning” is to replace the void of space that was left by what you released with the energy that you are trying to evoke. A simple example: clearing the piles of paperwork off the dining room table to then place a vase of fresh cut flowers in its centre.  Make space for that which you desire.


  1. Connect to the moon. This is the celestial version of, “stop and smell the roses.” Sometimes you may get so busy with life that you forget to look up… to look up from your phone, to look up from your laptop, to look up from your grocery list, to look up from your emotional state, to look up from the negative thought patterns in your mind. When most people look up at the moon, whether in her fullness or as a shining sliver, they can’t help but be touched by the beauty and magnitude. If at no other time than twice a month, I recommend taking some time at the New Moon and Full Moon to “look up.” Hopefully you can do it more than twice a month, but this is highly effective as a simple new moon ritual. (Schedule it in your calendar!)
    • Take as much (or as little) time as you can outside to sky gaze. Maybe it’s a few minutes, maybe it’s a couple hours. Do what fits your schedule… just as long as you fit it in!
    • Take a moon walk. If you have the ability (safely) go for a walk at night, even if it is only a few minutes, take a stroll under the light and energy of the moon. Imagine the moon is blessing or showering you with her light as you walk.
    • While outside at night, whether stationary sky gazing or walking, imagine your crown chakra being open to receiving the moon’s energy. If you feel inspired, you can then also receive that moon light into all of the chakras.

Key: Focusing on a higher aspect of awareness and frequency helps you to shift your vibration out of lower or mundane state. When most people stargaze, they can’t help but be filled with a sense of wonder. What other ways can you choose to “look up” in your life to the Light that is above?


Many blessings for your moon intentions and magickal life!


Christina Lozano

Vice-President of Modern Mystery School Canada, Christina Lozano is passionate to share with the world the teachings of Hope, Empowerment and Joy. As a International Instructor in Modern Mystery School, she specializes in Wicca and Kabbalah, as well as healing arts and other teachings, Christina truly believes that life is magickal and that everyone has within them the power to live the life they truly dream of ….and some of the keys to how to do that are hidden somewhere in this website!