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The spiritual path is a winding road, leading into the soul of the traveller. Your journey unfolds one step at a time.
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Advanced Spiritual Training

You may notice Modern Mystery School Canada's website links back to the MMS International website for a very special reason. The Modern Mystery School International head office is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Our centre located in Etobicoke, a few minutes away from Pearson Airport, is host to instructors and students from all around the world. Four times a year we host intensive training programs, such as Healers Academy and further initiations in the lineage of King Salomon, such as the Ritual Master path. However, in between those global gatherings of initiates our centre has regularly scheduled events and classes as well availability for activations and energy healing sessions. Take a look below and check out what’s in store at MMS Canada.

Programs & Classes

At Modern Mystery School Canada, you will find an array of programs and workshops available. In addition to hosting master teachers from all over the world at our international programs 4 times a year, week to week you will find enlightening and educational classes available at our centre. We have everything from introductory and evening courses, to full-day intensive workshops, and the Empower Thyself Program – the first step initiation into the Lineage of King Salomon.

Activations & Healings

We have Certified Professional Healers and Life Activation Practitioners available to provide you with the energy healing service that will support your personal spiritual progression. If you haven’t yet had a Life Activation, we recommend this is where you start. Please feel free to contact us and we’ll book an appointment for you. If you are not in the Greater Toronto Area, we can help to connect you with a practitioner closest to you.


Whether it is the celebration of the Full Moon in the Wiccan or Hermetic Tradidtion, or an ancient Egyptian rite, MMS Canada hosts many powerful ceremonies that are open to the public. You are welcome to experience the beauty and joy that comes from participating in a group ritual to bring about positive energy and light into one’s life and community. Check out the calendar for upcoming ceremonies and events.

Guided Meditations

We all know that mindfulness and meditation has many relaxing benefits, but sometimes it can feel stressful to start! Allow us to lift some of the pressure away and join us for one of our many guided meditations, whether it’s the Max Meditation SystemTM, a Chakra Balancing Visualization, Journey to your Sanctuary or a Drum Meditation, these sessions can help the novice and even the experienced meditator find a deeper sense of peace. Be sure to keep an eye on the calendar for upcoming meditation workshops.


You’ll notice on our calendar tab that we have events list for several countries! If you are looking just to see the events happening at our centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, you can just look for the events colour-coded in red, or apply the filter to see only Canada’s calendar.