Goddess Evolving

by Laura Louise Persichetti

The Lineage of King Salomon held sacred within the Modern Mystery School offers tools and teachings that remind of us of our own royalty and divinity as gods and goddesses. We explore who we are, what we are, where we came from, where we are going and what our purpose is here in this significant, physical life.

Many of these concepts are metaphysical, many spiritual, and many very practical. Once we remember who we are as creators and acknowledge that we can, and do in fact, create our own life through manifestation, we can really begin to implement the teachings.

Anyone who has stuck around long enough is sure to notice the distinct changes and growth in both themselves and in others studying at the Mystery School. It’s almost as though people stop aging, and even begin to look younger, more vibrant, and more alive. It’s magickal in itself!

How does this happen? Is it as though one day you just wake up with a little extra skip in your step or is it slow and gradual? Perhaps for everyone it is different.

For me I noticed a slow gradual shift, seemingly subtle, yet significantly impactful. It was like walking up a steep set of rounded stairs. One step at a time, slowly but surely. Then suddenly momentum began to kick in and things began shifting at rapid speeds!

I truly think I’m in the middle of an alchemical metamorphosis. Sure energetically that might sound cool, but the truth is, unless fully aware of the metamorphosis, to any average person it could seem like quite a challenge!

When I had my Life Activation, I remember leaving the session and going for a walk. All the colours of the plants and flowers were radiant and vibrant. I could literally see the energy around everything. I didn’t know what it was, but I knew something had happened. During the session I thought I was dying, but afterwards I felt great! Then of course I continued on with life and never had a second thought about my Life Activation.

Three months later the friend that gave me a Life Activation suggested I meet her Guide. I booked an appointment for a session. I later found out it was the Full Spirit Activation. She told me I needed to be initiated into the Lineage of King Salomon.

I had no idea what that meant, nor was it anything I was planning on or budgeting for. In fact, at that time I was without a job, traveling, and could not afford the two day program. Yet just few weeks later, I attended Empower Thyself and was initiated. I had no idea what to expect but something in me knew I needed to be there. I still had no clue what was really happening to me. Sure I knew I changed. Every experience can create change. I knew five minutes into the class I was exactly where I needed to be; yet I signed up knowing nothing about the weekend. The weekend finished. I felt like my soul was touched. I thought I would continue on with my life, bringing ten times more light to all that I was doing. I knew it was special, but again, I skipped along life not really referencing changes in my life connected to my initiation.

At the time, I was working on a filmed documentary called, The Good Deeds Project. I founded the project to bring awareness to the power of kindness as a suicide prevention program. I was traveling through parts of Canada and the United States doing good deeds and finding others doing good deeds to capture stories for the documentary.

I had nothing but a backpack and my camera gear. I was filled with passion, faith and inspiration. I was certain I was on my mission. My intention was set on world peace and I was convinced Good Deeds were a vehicle to create awareness that we are all in this together, and collectively create world peace.

It’s no surprise that with an intention on world peace I would come across the Lineage of King Salomon. After all, the sacred lineage has brought people together with the mission of world peace for thousands of years. Some people have a dream to build a house on the lake; some people have a dream to build a world of harmony. I suppose I hold both!

It all sounds pretty light and fluffy, I know. Yet, to really create change you need to change. It seems sweet cognitively; however, to go through that change isn’t always sweet and simple.

Things took a turn for me. After spending months on the road, filming, meeting amazing people, capturing incredible stories, I decided to go home for a visit. I drove through the border of Michigan into Ontario. I was driving a friend’s car. When I crossed the border into Canada I was just about to be on my way and then the customs officer asked why I had a US-plated car. I explained that it was a friend’s car and she explained that I could not be a Canadian driving a US-plated car in Canada. I was sent back over to the States.

Long story short, I was flagged as a flight risk in the United States. Luckily I was able to sort out returning home, but returning to the US was going to be a problem. I had to prove I was living and working in Canada.

My big vision and project took a pause. I was left back in my home town, and in a massive pickle. I remember sitting on the floor of my childhood room at my parents, two/three o’clock in the morning, crying and praying in confusion. Why am I here?

Little did I know, I was in my metamorphosis. I had a great vision, but I had a way I thought it needed to unfold.  I quickly learned that my way needed to start to the align to “The Way”.

What does that even mean?

Well, I’m not sure that a quick blog can really describe it; however, living as a creator being, with big intentions, requires big growth and commitment to something greater than you to show the way.

“The Way”

Many will reference the way as  the path, the Will of God, to surrender, to live in faith, to connect to something greater and deeper…

Of course we have free will, that’s part of being human. When we choose to use that free will to be in alignment to the will of God, the will of the universe and the will of nature, we choose something greater than ourselves to navigate life. I made that choice. I’m confident in that choice, and, to be in alignment requires change.

I ended up getting my own place downtown in the city I grew up in. I used the main floor to run a wellness-light center and I lived upstairs. I was offered a job at the mental health agency I was previously working at. I was planted in one spot and learning to ground and develop discipline.


Traveling, with no attachments, no responsibilities, and pure “freedom” was becoming a faded memory. I struggled initially with this change, but deep down inside I knew grounding and rooting down was what I needed at this time.

I continued to study at the Modern Mystery School, which as a blessing, was only a couple of hours from where I lived. I began working more and more with the light. I offered energy healing sessions, classes, and shared the tools that were transforming my life with other people in my community.

These tools were truly transforming my life. It’s not like one day I woke up and magickally became a goddess. Truth is I was born a goddess, as we all are gods and goddesses. I was subtly aligning and becoming more and more who I was meant to be. Perhaps to others I appear the same. Who knows? Inside I was growing stronger, more confident, more aware of my power and more connected. I was acknowledging my gifts, talents and capabilities. My heart was radiating more love, my mind was clearer and clearer and within, I was more at peace and calmer.

My exterior was shifting and changing as well. My closest friends in the Mystery School were literally stunningly beautiful women. I was like a younger sister to a couple of them. Like sisters do, they’d do my hair and makeup at programs and talk about these beauty things that I was never into.

My Dad was the oldest brother of eight boys. He had the first grandchild, my brother. When I was born, I was the first girl in the family. I was surrounded by boys. Despite my mother’s best efforts, I was not a girlie girl. The rule in our house was that I could wear whatever I wanted all week, and on Sundays, my mom dressed me. It was a fight every Sunday to get me into a dress. I had a style of my own, I called it creative.

Then one day one of those stunningly beautiful friends, this one like a little sister, summarized the beauty of the goddess in one single sentence, “Your outside needs to match your inside.”

To her point, she said that all the internal growth and work is great, but that growth and beauty needs to radiate on the exterior. She spoke about hair and makeup and clothes like it was an art in itself. She spoke about colour in a way I never considered. She came for a visit and suddenly I was in beauty and colour training.

She talked about warm colours and cool colours and how they work with each other. I thought the colour wheel was a basic thing from childhood, but she made it come alive through clothing and makeup. She explained that not everyone can wear every colour. Everyone’s skin and hair colour can become vibrant and alive through colour or washed out.

This seemingly crazy colour talk took us through all my clothes. Literally one piece at a time.

“Does that reflect your inner goddess?” She would ask.

I would respond with stories of why I had each piece of clothing. Why I loved it, where it came from, reasons to keep it…

Stories and attachment.

She would also respond with stories. She would compare me to outrageous things with the clothing on and just like that, the new association was so ridiculous I had to take things off and toss them in the donate pile.

I donated bags and bags to the Women’s Interval Home and was left with very little in my closet. It felt empty, yet I was filled with new insight.

I had a massive lesson on silly attachments and recognized that the inner goddess was meant to be reflected as an exterior goddess, every day. It wasn’t something like, “oh when I feel like it” or just for special occasions and teaching classes.

It was every day.

It wasn’t about “looking good” every day.  It was about being in full expression every day, inside and out.  A nurse once told me that when you don’t feel good on the inside, be sure to look good on the outside, and eventually, the two will align.  I suppose it could go either way. Essentially it was matching all the interior work to the exterior.  Self-expression became like an art.

I began to see colours in a whole new way. I had a general idea that when I wore something it didn’t quite look right. I always thought it was because of me. Maybe I was looking pale that day or feeling a bit bloated that day! All this time, it was colour. Suddenly I could see how certain colours made people pop in such a vibrant way and how other colours completely washed people out. Colour training was intense and a total life changer.

I reference this because I think people look at the big picture about being a god/goddess. Perhaps focused on manifesting and Magick or creating the life they want. All of these things are important and true to living as a god/goddess. What I have come to realize is that it’s the small subtle shifts that actually make the greatest impact. It is the everyday experiences that lead us towards the big picture.


Are you paying attention to the small, yet major areas of your life?

  • How and when you wake up.
  • What you do to start your day.
  • Exercising and being active.
  • Meditation and rituals.
  • What quality of food and drink you consume.
  • What quality and colour of clothes you wear.
  • How you care for your hair, face, teeth, and overall personal hygiene.
  • What shoes you wear on your feet.
  • How you think about yourself.
  • What words you use to reference yourself or to talk to others.
  • How you spend your time.
  • What projects or creativity you focus on.
  • What surrounds you in your environment.
  • Who surrounds you in your life.

Being royal is not the fancy car, new house and Gucci handbag. Anyone can have the exterior glamour. Being royal is aligning your inner god-self to your exterior and maintaining that alignment.

Meditation is just as important as a clean space around you.

Wearing colours that show your vibrancy is just as important as feeling confident and thinking positively about yourself.

Doing rituals handed down in the Lineage daily are just as important as eating quality food that provide you with optimal health, daily.

Creating and manifesting your ideas are just as important as exercise and physical activity.

Staying inside and quiet is just as important as going outside and connecting to the energy of the world and nature.

I know that every healing session, every class and every initiation I have experienced has changed and shifted me in some way. I always feel something immediately. Most of the time I don’t understand the shift or how it will unfold. Yet, every experience has weaved into a picture of subtle shifts and changes to align me more and more with my higher self and to live and express myself more and more as a Goddess.

If you would have told me all of this at the time of my Life Activation I would have thought, “Oh yeah cool, whatever.”

I never would have imagined being where I am at this point in my life, doing what I’m doing and being so blessed to be working with the most dedicated, devoted individuals to creating world peace that I couldn’t have dreamed of finding.


Laura Louise Persichetti

Laura Louise Persichetti is an Initiate and Guide of the Lineage of King Salomon. Author. Speaker. Teacher. Healer. Laura is a magician with many hats. As a Registered Psychotherapist she has developed Medical Mindfulness, bringing mindfulness into the world of healthcare practitioners. She is an Amazon Best Selling Author with her first book, Discover You Discovering the World: Confessions of a Traveling Monkette. Her travel stories and life lessons make for great talks and deep insights. Laura is the founder of the Good Deeds Project, a suicide prevention program designed to bring awareness to the power of kindness.