Knowing the Right Path for You

by Christina Lozano

Everyone has their own road to tread, their own path to follow, especially when it comes to spirituality and connection with divine. The spiritual seeker will spend a considerable amount of energy and time exploring their options, researching, learning and exposing themselves to various teachings, methods and systems. So how do you know if a particular path or practice is right for you?

There are a few key things to keep in mind when considering whether or not a path is right for you:

The Calling

Often times, one has a hard time describing into words why it is the right path, it simply just feels right. It is a calling, a knowing in your heart. The language of the heart is not easily translated into the language of the mind; so don’t feel you have to try. Trusting your intuition and following your heart is a necessary part of embarking on your journey.

This may make others in your life uncomfortable that you cannot articulate why you are making the choices you are making. Just remember, this is about your personal journey, and ask them to trust you, and trust yourself, that in time, as things become clearer, your heed of this call will enable you to express your true self, your natural gifts and help you to actualize your life purpose.


Spiritual progression is not the path of least resistance. There are often obstacles that come up with spiritual lessons. These can manifest as outside forces, such as a car breaking down, or as internal resistance with emotional upheaval that makes you want to shut down and not participate in things that may actually be beneficial to healing that emotional state. When resistance arises, connect to the wisdom that is deep inside of you and ask if this opposition is presenting itself because it is your negative ego fighting off something that will be truly good and transformational for you. The key here is discernment. Usually the things we resist the most are the things that the best for us!

Comfortably Uncomfortable

This one goes along with resistance. Many true spiritual teachings will challenge our comfort level. We go along living all our lives, thinking one way and then we are introduced to a spiritual truth that shatters decades of programming. This can make for some real discomfort. In ancient and esoteric teachings, it is said that if there is not some discomfort, there cannot be growth. There are some schools of thought, in particular the new age teachings that may say that if something is making you uncomfortable that means it is not good for you. This is where that wisdom and discernment comes in. Ask yourself some questions to help you get to the bottom of this uneasiness: Why is it making you uncomfortable? Is this connected to a fear? What is the fear? What would you feel like if you released that fear? How might your life change if you accepted this new concept?


Lineage is another way of saying roots, or foundation. Many spiritual organizations are built on ancient teachings, but don’t have a foundation or connection to the source. A spiritual system with lineage will have a method of “handing down” knowledge, energy and tools from teacher to student that is unbroken, to ensure the strength and integrity of what you are learning. Consider a few questions about lineage: Does the spiritual path you are considering belong to an organization, group or school? Is there a verifiable and traceable lineage, or system that you can feel confident in? Is it based on something that has proven successful over years, decades, even centuries? Where did the teachers or community leaders get their training? Do you resonate with other individuals that are a part of this lineage? Could you see yourself becoming a part of that lineage’s community?


You see yourself changing, others see you changing and it is in a positive way. You hear comments that you are “looking great” or that “something is different” when you haven’t changed anything physically.  You start feeling better, there is more emotional and energetic freedom of your mind, less stress in your face and body, it changes the way you carry yourself. Change isn’t always comfortable, but it can definitely be good. Superficial changes can be drastic and dramatic but have no lasting or empowering effect, while tiny, core changes to mindset and attitude can have an impact that creates joy and peace that can last a lifetime.

The path of initiation within the Modern Mystery School and the lineage of King Salomon is available to those who hear the call and feel the pull within them. With initiates, practitioners, teachers and Guides all over the world, if the path of initiation resonates within your soul, do not hesitate to explore this possibility. Change, transformation and true joy and love await you on your journey. The choice is yours to take that first step!


Christina Lozano

Vice-President of Modern Mystery School Canada, Christina Lozano is passionate to share with the world the teachings of Hope, Empowerment and Joy. As a International Instructor in Modern Mystery School, she specializes in Wicca and Kabbalah, as well as healing arts and other teachings, Christina truly believes that life is magickal and that everyone has within them the power to live the life they truly dream of ….and some of the keys to how to do that are hidden somewhere in this website!