Working With Angels

by Cindy Acab

Cultivating your own Personal Relationship

References to Angels have existed as long as recorded human history. Passages of Angels are common in scriptures across religions. If fact, Angels appear 165 times throughout the New Testament alone! Our common imagery of Angels is derived from Renaissance painters who often depicted Angels as beautiful beings clothed in white robes with wings and shining halos of light. Across cultures and religions, Angels are most often depicted as benevolent, other worldly beings that watch over humanity and help us in times of need. Angels have persisted in folklore and popular culture throughout the ages and remain a source of fascination and hope for many today.

The New Age movement has also embraced the concept of Angels. With this popularization has also come much merchandising. You can have Angel readings done, purchase Angel card decks, books and CDs. Greeting cards, figurines, and posters with the images of Angels also abound. Many people also claim to have received guidance, or comfort from an Angelic presence, while some purport to have daily interaction with their own personal Angelic guides.

These references to Angels and their interactions with humans throughout time shows us one important point: we all have the innate ability to work with Angels. In fact, we even have the authority to command them! But this privilege, which it truly is, cannot be used lightly. We must remain humble in our requests and only seek guidance for matters of true importance. For as much as the Angels are here to serve us, they will also not suffer the many human follies we ourselves often fall prey to. In working with Angels it is important to remember that even though they are here to guide us, their ultimate purpose is to serve the Will of God. The more we wish to work with these magnificent beings the more it becomes our responsibility to align ourselves with the Will to do Good in our every day lives.

Angels reside at a much higher energetic state than we do. Angels have never had a physical body. They are purely spirit beings that retain all the wisdom and knowledge that we lost on our journey of incarnation. We, on the other hand, reside in the much denser world of physical matter. Often when it is difficult for us to connect with or perceive Angelic energies it is because of the different layers of density that exist between us. If we wish to cultivate a relationship with the Angels we must first work on raising our own vibration. We can do this in a number of ways:

Diet: eat healthier, less processed food. The higher the vibration of the food we feed our physical body the higher the vibration our energetic body will be.

Drugs: Alcohol and drugs clouds your ability to connect with the more subtle energies of spirit beings. It dulls both our physical and spiritual senses.

Negativity: Be mindful of your thoughts and actions and the negativity of those around you. Angels, as beings of light, are attracted to light, not the darkness created by negative energies.

Drama: If your life is in a constant state of chaos or drama, or surrounded by people in a similar state, this will only hinder your ability to connect with Angels. We need to create a quiet and peaceful space in our lives in order to invite the Angels in.

Unrealistic Expectations/Ego: In order to communicate with Angels we must set aside any preconceived notions we may have about how or when that communication happens and just be open to letting it unfold. We must also remember that even though Angels are here to serve us we must seek that service with humbleness and humility in our hearts, without expectation of riches or reward.

Meditation/Rituals: Meditation is perhaps one of the most powerful tools we have to heighten our own vibration and enable us to quiet the mind in order to receive guidance. The Modern Mystery School has handed down invaluable tools that have proven to work for thousands of years: rituals that can be done every day to help you learn how to live continuously in a heightened energetic state. The more you are able to hold the energy, the easier working with Angels and other higher energy beings becomes.

Humanizing Angels: Anthropomorphism

We often have a tendency to anthropomorphise Angels in order to work with them. This is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact it can be an aid to us as we begin to learn how to connect with Angels. It is often hard for us to conceptualize and interpret energy. Attributing human characteristics such as gender, clothes and even temperaments can help us to identify with the energy of the being we choose to work with and determine how they can best serve us.

It is important to remember that these tools are really just that: props for your mind to grasp onto to help you to become attuned to the energy. The more we work with the energy of the Angels the more we must realize that we cannot become attached to the characteristics that we attribute to them, for they are merely our own creation. Attachment can ultimately hinder our own progression by limiting our understanding of Angels and their energy structures, which are far beyond anything our mind can comprehend.

Different Beings of Light

There are many different beings of light that are here to assist us. Their names and roles can often get confused along with their ability to help us with our own personal matters. One thing they all have in common, however, is that we must first ask in order for them to help us; we as human beings were given free will as part of our experience here in the physical. Our free will is a gift from God and it is a law that they ultimately cannot contravene.

Spirit Guides: Each of us has at least one or more Spirit Guides that work closely with us, guiding us along our soul’s journey here. In fact, part of their own spiritual development is to work with us and help us fulfil our contracts. Our Spirit Guides are with us all the time; in those moments when you hear a radio on the song or read passage in a book that provides the answer you were seeking it was likely your Spirit Guide providing that helping hand.

Guardian Angels: This term tends to be used interchangeably with Spirit Guides and the two are often confused. Many traditions will tell you that your Guardian Angel is your own personal Angel assigned to you at birth. However, our Mystery School tradition gives us an even greater understanding of who this being is. According to the Universal Kabbalah, the spiritual experience of Malkuth (the sephiroth of the physical world on the Tree of Life), is said to be “Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel”. The Holy Guardian Angel we seek that connection with is in fact our higher, perfected selves. It is the “nucleus of the soul”, the “genuine divine self” and our task is to unite the higher, spirit self to the lower, physical self. To consciously bring spirit into flesh so we can move back up the Tree towards our true, spiritual home.


Archangels: Archangels are beings of pure energy that possess unimaginably vast power and often appear as blinding, brilliant light. They are the pinnacles of the Angelic hierarchy. They can be thought of as the mediators between God and the spiritual and earthly planes. There are two quorums of Archangels that exist: The first quorum are those that “stand before the throne of God”. They direct the will of God and are seen as God’s messengers and holy representatives. Their domain is that of spirit, the upper world. The second quorum works more directly with humans. Their stewardship is our world. It is their energy that we can direct in times of need or healing. When you contact an Archangel you are actually contacting the Office of the Archangel, which carries both male and female energy. Each office has its own duties and functions is responsible for a particular quality or energy here on this earth. While there are many Archangels, there are four in particular that are most often referred to across religious traditions. While the qualities and traits attributed to them are often varied, below is a brief summary of the most common elements ascribed to them:

Archangel Michael: ‘Who is Like God’. Michael is said to be the first Angel created by God and is considered the commander in chief of the Angelic force. Michael is depicted as heaven’s greatest defender and mightiest warrior against evil. He is often shown with a sword and shield to cut away that which is no longer needed. You can call upon him to free you of doubt and fear and to strengthen one’s faith. Michael can also help protect against negativity.

Archangel Gabriel: ‘Strength of God’. Gabriel is most often known as the messenger of God. He is the Angel that told Mary of the impending birth of Christ. He also revealed the Qur’an to Muhammad. Gabriel can provide guidance in matters of spirituality, especially your life plan and purpose.

Archangel Raphael: ‘Healing of God’. Raphael is the Angel of Healing. He works through all healers whether they be medical doctors or lightworkers. Call upon him for help with healing the physical as well as the spiritual body.

Archangel Uriel: ‘Light of God’. Uriel is known as the Angel of salvation and repentance. It is said he “stands at the Gate of Eden with a fiery sword.” Uriel is also referred to as the Great Archangel of the Earth and is the keeper of the mysteries which are deep within the planet. Uriel can assist in communicating with nature, and can be called on to assist with material and earthly matters.

Angels: There are multitudes of hierarchies of Angels that exist. They govern every aspect of human affairs, from the days of the week and hours of the days to the governments and geographic regions of countries. Their work is to help us directly with our progression here on earth. There are an infinite number of Angels that we can call upon for assistance at any given moment in time. The work of the Angels is often directed by the Office of the Archangels or another presiding Angel.

Masters of Light/Ascended Masters: Masters of Light are very similar to the concept of bodhisattvas in the east; they are physical beings who have walked this earth and achieved an advanced stage of enlightenment while in the physical. They are committed to helping humanity as a whole on our spiritual path and development. In fact they have halted their own personal spiritual development in order to aid the rest of humanity in theirs. As a result, they work more directly with aspects of the collective consciousness rather than on an individual basis. Some examples of these Great Masters that have walked amongst us are Jesus, Buddha and Muhammad.

The Mystery school offers many paths of spiritual study, some of which work more directly with Angelic beings than others. Perhaps the most notable path of Angelic study for the spiritual aspirant is that of Enochian Magick. It is on this path that one begins to learn about the deeper workings of the hierarchies of Angels and the celestial realm. And it is on this path that working with the Angelic realm becomes more about service to humanity as a whole, rather than oneself.

Regardless of the path we choose, Angels have always been with humanity on this earth, watching over us, protecting us and guiding us whether we are aware of their presence or not. Cultivating your own personal relationship with Angelic beings is a first step to opening oneself up to receiving mysteries of the universe that these majestic beings preside over.


Cindy Acab

Cindy began exploring a path of spirituality and metaphysics through an academic lens when she studied comparative religion and philosophy in university as part of her undergraduate degree. Throughout the years she has also pursued studies in Zen Buddhist Meditation techniques, both the physical practise and philosophy of the Ashtanga yoga system, and Shamanism in the Native American teachings of the Sweet Medicine Way of the Twisted Hairs Métis Medicine Society. Cindy has also trained as a Thai Yoga Massage practitioner through the Lotus Palm School of Traditional Thai Massage. More recently Cindy has studied metaphysics through the Modern Mystery School. Cindy is a certified Teacher, Guide and Ritual Master in lineage of King Solomon through the Modern Mystery School. She has studied with the School since 2007 in a variety of energetic healing modalities, metaphysical teachings and specialized spiritual training. She continues to study and train with Master Teachers in the school today. Cindy is also a certified ashtanga, prenatal and postnatal yoga teacher with experience and training in kids yoga as well as fertility yoga. She has taught pre and post natal yoga at various Toronto studios for the past 10 years. She also has a B.A. in Political Science and Criminology from the University of Toronto and a Masters of Urban Planning from McGill University.