Vibration of Colour

by Franca Lanyon

Without colour there is no light, without light there is no life!

It surrounds us every day of our lives. Are we aware of it? What does it mean? And how much of an effect does it truly have on us?

Colour has existed, as it has been said, since the beginning of time. The study of colour and its effects on our lives has been brought through the great writers and thinkers of time from Sir Isaac Newton who created the colour wheel and discovered that when passing light through a prism it produced the colour spectrum; to Johan Wolfgang von Goethe whose philosophy was based on light; and Rudolf Steiner whose work was based on spiritual scientific research.

Colour, like all things in life is energy, it is life. As Steiner once stated, “Colour has always been the thread that weaves us into the fabric of life, for all colour is light and light is life.” In every waking hour of our life, colour will affect us on some level, be it physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually. However, having it surround us every day, we take it for granted and have forgotten the effects it truly has on our lives and the vibration it weaves through us and in us. Without colour there is no light and without light there is no life!

“Let me, O let me bathe my soul in colours; let me swallow the sunset and drink the rainbow.”
– Khalil Gibran

All colours have a different energy, a different vibration and a different representation. One colour may have more than one meaning. For example, some of the same colours in the aura, have a different meaning in our chakra system, or a different meaning for healing. Everything from how colour is traditionally used to choosing a colour to create a mood, look or feeling, it all depends how, when and where we use it.

Our history and modern times show us that colour is used throughout the world: in the animal world, plant world, early tribal times and ancient Greece, ancient Roman times, ancient Egyptian times. The Egyptians knew how to split sunlight into the components of colours and harnessed the healing power of white and coloured light in their Temples. Colour is a key symbol in the world of religion; Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Judaism to mention a few. Colour is ever present in nature, in the seasons and even in the universe and the planets. The list is endless.

Having shared some of the wisdom above, take a moment and notice the colours surrounding you in this present moment. How do you feel? What effect does it have on you? Why have you chosen to surround yourself with certain colours?

The colour spectrum is infinite and inspiring, but if you do not embrace it, it means nothing. I sign off by asking: What does colour mean to you?


Franca Lanyon

Franca Lanyon is the CEO of MMS Canada and a key leader of Modern Mystery School International. She is an international instructor, traveling the world to bring inspiration and hope to all through the teachings of Alchemy, Wicca, the healing arts, magick and so much more. She has recently launched the I AM GODDESS project which inspires women to come to know their true essence within. See the link below to watch videos from the I AM GODDESS Project.