Your Joy is Calling, like a Yodel from the Soul

by Laura Louise Persichetti

It truly is amazing what videos and photos will go viral on the Internet today. By now you will likely be aware of the young Mason Ramsey, the Walmart Yodeling Kid who was filmed and made famous for his aisle appearance this year on YouTube.

The 2018 ‘Macaulay Culkin’ of his time has recorded CDs, been on Ellen, been brought onstage to meet Justin Bieber and is likely the top YouTube hit of the year.

There is a star in each of us, yet not many are willing to sit and listen to the voice yodeling within.

Of course we all want to shine in the light, perhaps not necessarily be YouTube-made famous; however, a part of us is here to shine– to be our greatest self, to expand and to be made seen on this planet in some way.

Yet when our inner yodeling kid cries out, most people will turn the channel.

What could I possibly be referring to?

I mean that part of us yodeling for our attention. Sometimes it cries out at night, just before drifting off to sleep. Other times it might cry out right in the middle of an aisle at Walmart. You just never know!

It is the part of us that so deeply wants to express itself, to live freely, to be in joy, to be that shining star.

It doesn’t need to be yodeling for you. It could be creating, building, dancing, baking – what is your yodel? Do you see the talent or shine behind the yodeling?

Of course not! Not the yodels of the soul. In fact, we’ll do whatever we can to turn it off and distract ourselves with something else. Everything else becomes more important.

Live life the way we were told. Go to school. Get a job. Find a mate. Buy a house. Get married, have kids, purchase the SUV, sign the kids up for everything, complain you’re going everywhere. Go in debt. Work. Work. Work. Retire. THEN live your life! Oh wait, no! Attend all the doctor appointments, babysit the grandkids, and maybe get a vacation once a year. Die.

That yodeling kid doesn’t sound so bad now! Hit me with another country song!

The truth is that your inner voice may come calling out in such a way that’s disturbing, but every once in a while we need a random shout out to get our attention.

Is this the life you want to be living?

Are you fulfilled?

Do you want more?

Perhaps you look down the road of society’s painted picture and you realize you want to create something different.

Maybe you are somewhere in that painted picture and find yourself thinking, “this can’t be it!”

You can get caught up in YouTube’s greatest hits, follow kid stars on Ellen or wonder where Macaulay Culkin is these days. Although, you just might find yourself home alone one day with your hands on your face, screaming in the mirror.

There’s got to be more!

Shhh! There is more!

Exploring the internal yodels isn’t always pleasant. That’s the truth. It can be painful and confusing. You might even ask yourself, what’s the point?

But if you can tap your foot to the beat and stick around long enough to grow and to learn, you just might discover you’re inner shining star.

After all, that inner voice only comes out crackling in a painful way when it has gone without any support or perhaps you just do not understand it.

We each have a voice that is meant to be heard. We all have something to express and to create in this world. Are you willing to move through the growing pains of when it attempts to crack out? In any form of our soul’s expression, we simply need to be patient with ourselves.

Are you willing to discover true understanding? When it comes to yodeling itself, for example, it really is no easy talent. It requires vocal technique that involves a variety of drawn-out pitches that are formed in the head and chest registers. It requires the singer to quickly toggle between the two registers in order to make sound that goes from high to low to high with distinct breaks between notes. It requires practice and dedication.

Who knew?

If you have no understanding of the traditional yodeling, you just might find yourself judging it and turning it off. Perhaps running in the opposite direction as fast as you can! Maybe you are the entrepreneur who has been trying to have what you believe to be valuable content to go viral for years, and here flies in some kid in a bow tie and boots. You could be shaking your head in wonderment, how could this video go viral?

We judge our inner yodels as well. We criticize it, put it down, or just don’t quite understand it. We are quick to judge others because we have practiced so much by judging our self. These judgments hold us back from truly expressing who we are.

The truth about the “Yodeling Kid in Walmart” is that he has been yodeling his whole life. He has dedicated his time, energy and devotion to his passion of yodeling. He has tried many times to make videos on YouTube that did not get a hit. He has done shows and opened up for some pretty key star country musicians. You would have never guessed it. To the average person, he’s just a random kid in a bow tie with a random video at Walmart. The reality is, he is connected to his true passion, his true self-expression, and he is at a peak of expressing that in the world.

Are you willing to see the star within you?

Are you willing to devote the time, energy, patience and dedication required to truly know who you are and what your expression is in the world?

Are you willing to shine?

To shine outward, we need to go inward. Many people hear that and know there is truth to it, but where do you start? How do we truly find that deep connection? Is there training? Are there people who can help?

Of course! You landed in a magickal spot to find answers. Sometimes the Internet will lead you to your inner web.

There is more.

There is joy.

Are you ready to explore beyond the yodels of Walmart?

A deep part of us knows that there is more. We know that joy must exist somewhere. We might even know our true talent and gifts. Maybe we are too scared to express it or put it out in the world. What is stopping you from shining your full light and reaching your fullest potential?

What could be missing?

1. Connection – deeper connection to and understanding of yourself
2. The Right Guide – someone in your corner no matter what
3. Appropriate Tools – you don’t need a screwdriver to hammer a nail
4. Strong Will – When YOU set your mind in motion and decide, never give up
5. Trust – trust yourself, trust the process, trust your source

Where Do You Start?

Any true yodeler knows: you always start with the breath! Do not forget your super power: breathe. Whatever your soul’s yodel is, it all begins with breath. Your breath will meet you in the moment, and where you are is where you start. The breath is a subtle thing we do all the time without thinking; however, when we bring our attention to it, it can bring us the calmness and peace we are seeking outside of our self. Our breath can bring us answers, it can help us ground and bring us into the present moment. We tend to get stuck in the stories of our head about what to do, how to do it and where to start. We simply need to breathe. Our breath will guide us, connect us within and help us every step of the way.

Okay Breathe, What’s Next?

Always know there is more to know. If you think you know it all, you automatically block yourself from anything else that is possible. Mason Ramsey might have thought his fame on YouTube was enough. Then there was Ellen, and Bieber and recordings and more. There is always more. Be open and willing to explore! Possibilities are endless.

Get curious. Let it be an adventure. You may know what your soul wants to express or you might not have a clue! Both are great and both will lead you down a path of deeper understanding of yourself. Experiment with different forms of expression to discover different aspects of yourself. You might find something you love that you would have never expected. You might learn how much you can’t stand something! It’s all good. Keep diving deeper. Keep playing! Connect to the child within you that is curious to explore the world. Yodel high, yodel low! You will discover more and more.

How To Yodel from the Soul…

Express yourself! Truly, truly discover what it means for you and how you choose to express yourself. Sing! Dance! Colour! Play! Create! Build! Cook! There is no right or wrong way to express your self! There is only expressing and learning. Stop wasting time and just express!

If you do not know what your yodel is, think about when you were a kid and the ways in which you chose to express yourself through play or creativity. If you did not have much space to play as a child, then enjoy playing during this time in your life. Have fun! Express yourself without expectations or judgments or “grading your progress.” This is life. There is no A+ or report card.

Get Support:

You can do it alone, sure. Doing it alone is always an option; however, you will grow and expand at exceptional speeds when you choose not to do it alone. Asking for help and connecting to the right tribe to support you and your expression is vital to making your heart’s desires unfold. Connect to your self and then get over your self! Find a tribe, be on a team and shine as a star within a constellation.

Truth is, you are never alone.

Some kid with a mighty belt buckle, button up shirt and bow tie chose to yodel from his soul. Look at the ripples that unfolded.

What ripples will you create when you let your soul yodel as well?



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Laura Louise Persichetti

Laura Louise Persichetti is an Initiate and Guide of the Lineage of King Salomon. Author. Speaker. Teacher. Healer. Laura is a magician with many hats. As a Registered Psychotherapist she has developed Medical Mindfulness, bringing mindfulness into the world of healthcare practitioners. She is an Amazon Best Selling Author with her first book, Discover You Discovering the World: Confessions of a Traveling Monkette. Her travel stories and life lessons make for great talks and deep insights. Laura is the founder of the Good Deeds Project, a suicide prevention program designed to bring awareness to the power of kindness.