Overcoming Addiction

by Alex Hill

Addictions can be some of the nastiest habits one can have.  They might be something that can be easy to overcome for a short amount of time but just as easy to fall back into.  Addictions can poison and plague your relationships with family, friends and co-workers, and even more severely your emotional state, physical and mental health and your overall ability to get anything done without being reliant on an something outside of oneself.

How do we combat this?

Here is the step by step way I could not only overcome my addictions to drugs and alcohol, but also maintain a sober and positive lifestyle for over 11 years.

Step 1:  You have to want to quit

It seems obvious, right?  But truth be told, many addicts tend to like who they are, or at least aspects of who they are while under the influence.  It becomes our identity, our mask, our comfort zone. In some cases an addiction has destroyed your life (or part of it), prompting this new change and desire to quit.

If not, and your life is functional enough, your desire plays a bigger role: you have to get to the point where you have you’ve had enough. You must really want to quit.  The later can be much more difficult and that’s the area I really struggled with.

In wanting to quit we then have to see a life for ourselves that is better than the one we are living.

Tip: Begin to imagine and visualize what this new life will look like. 

Step 2:  Make your reason to quit bigger than you

This one can be tough, but it is vital.  Your reason must go beyond you!  This is where spirituality came in for me.  It was a very logical thought process for me personally. I knew there was more to life and a greater purpose in life.

I knew that there was some kind of life or existence before I had this physical body and that there would be life after.  I also knew that if my life ended and I had done nothing but party I would be disappointed in myself.

This concept became bigger than my life as just Alex Hill— this became about my life and my journey as Spirit.  Something far bigger and more vast than a mere 80 years on the planet. This is what brought me to the Modern Mystery School.

This step may require some more work at first as you will have to figure out your reason for quitting, what that is and how it looks for you.

Tip: A great place to start going beyond the physical limitations of yourself is meditation.  Tap in with who you are as Spirit.

Step 3:  Find something new that you enjoy

Chances are good if drugs and alcohol are what you’re addicted to, then they have also become your source of fun.  Now you need to find something new and exciting to do. Something that will keep you inspired to continue this new and healthy lifestyle.  A gym membership, sports, hiking, biking. Try something you loved as a child or youth.  The possibilities are endless.

What worked for me was diving into this spiritual component.  I essentially combined steps 2 and 3 and they both fueled one another.  The more I learned about myself and these new questions or mysteries of life, the more I became disciplined to dive deeper into this study of myself.  This became my JOY, which became my new drug.

 Step 4:  Have a solid support group

Who you surround yourself with 100% matters! If your friends live a substance filled life then it’s not smart for you to be around them all the time.  You need friends you can enjoy yourself with, and who are not going to tempt you into your old patterns.

I love all my friends, but hanging out with certain old friends became harder and harder as I was maintaining this new lifestyle.  This can be a touchy subject but sometimes we have to let people go.  Hopefully, all who we choose to spend time with will be on the same page and encourage one another to live the life they want and dream of.  I decided I had to make new friends.  Friends who wanted to live a sober life.  Friends who I could go have fun with, doing the new things that are bringing me joy.

Not all the days are good days and like Bill Withers sings, “We all need somebody to lean on.” So when those bad days come around, make sure you have someone to call on.

Step 5:  Forgive and Heal

You are not who you were yesterday. Let yesterday die just as the sun dies each day and be born anew.  I heard once, “A mistake is only a mistake if you make it twice.  If you make it once it is a lesson.”  Learn from your past and let it shape you into who you want to be.  Living in the past with its mistakes and regrets is hard, and beating yourself up over it won’t do anyone any good.  As you forgive yourself you turn your “mistakes” into lessons and become wiser for them.  Along with that comes healing.  Treating yourself is another way to heal.  There are too many ways to treat yourself, so find one that works for you and enjoy.  Consider an energy healing to support your healing journey. You deserve it!

By no means are these steps are the only way one can achieve this.  There are many methods. This is what has worked for me and a number of people I’ve worked with throughout my years as a Spiritual Healer and Guide. Please also consult medical professionals and addiction specialists if you need further help.

The Modern Mystery School has an integrative and supportive healing program for those in active recovery from addiction to drugs and alcohol. The Spiritual Drug Detox Healing is a series of one-on-one sessions to get to the spiritual and energetic root cause of addiction. It’s a supportive option for those on their way to sobriety.

One more message of encouragement…

Be unrelenting in demanding a better life for yourself.  YOU ARE WORTH IT!  Do not settle when it comes to yourself, strive for greatness and make many mistakes – cough – I mean LESSONS!!!  We all have a purpose and reason and it is up to you to figure that out.  No one can do it for you.  Live the life of your dreams, or dream a new dream, or do whatever you have to do so that your life is worth living and bringing JOY and LIGHT to all those you touch.


Alex Hill

Life, Death, Purpose…These are just some of the answers that Alex was constantly searching for in life.  After studying music in college he decided to take his passion from behind the drum kit and into the study of spirituality. Alex, along with his partner Olivia operate their own Light Center, Mangata, and he works as part of the team at the Modern Mystery School (MMS) HQ in Toronto.  He has been studying with the MMS for over 11 years and is a certified Guide, Teacher and Healer.  His passion to help others to transform their lives for the better is what guides and drives him.  “When we live the life we want, we make the world a better place and our Joy becomes contagious to all those around us.”