Yes, Queen! Yes, King! Yes, I’m talking to you!

by Christina Lozano

When you hear that label – queen or king – being thrown around on social media these days, what comes to mind?

Is it that fiercely gorgeous woman decked out in the latest fashion and make-up?

Is the handsome well-dressed man standing next to a fancy car?

Maybe. That’s definitely what you’d find if you searched the hashtag queen or king. (In addition to her HRH, of course!)

But let’s go beyond appearances. Beyond financial status-indicators like clothes and cars.

What does it mean to be a queen or king? What does it mean to be royal?

Today’s definition differs quite greatly from the monarchies in the middle ages. In a modern world where governments have taken the place of monarchies and rulers, and celebrities have become the new aspiration, who embodies the royalty that we can look up to?

Let’s get out of the realm of hashtags and selfies for a moment. Royalty is an interesting concept in the spiritual communities. In the Modern Mystery School we introduce the concept of royalty in metaphysical teachings: the idea of being a dethroned sovereign who consents to existence so that one can recover their crown.

You may be thinking, I don’t feel royal.

You may be thinking, I’m not rich enough to be royal.

Then what does it mean to be royal?

What does it mean to be a king or queen in your own life?

Let’s look at some of the qualities that make up a good king or queen and how they can be applied to our own personal life:


To be in integrity means to be honest, have honour, conduct oneself with moral righteousness, have virtue and decency. These qualities may be within your own character, but are you living in alignment with them? Do you base your choices on these characteristics? What is the nature of your character? Would someone say that you walk your talk? Living in Integrity is living in alignment with your beliefs, your morals, and eventually: your true life purpose.


Queens and kings may appear to live in the laps of luxury from the outsider, but the closer you look at this picture that is painted, you will come to understand that the responsibilities which accompany their roles are absolutely massive. An amazing portrayal of this is the Netflix show The Crown, depicting Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation and first decade of reign as a young queen. Ever heard that phrase, “heavy is the head that wears the crown”? It is referral to the responsibility that the sovereign has to their subjects. You may not have “subjects” per se, but you do have people that you provide service to in your life (see next point). First and foremost, your responsibility is to yourself. Do you take responsibility for your choices and actions in life? Your own joy and happiness is your personal responsibility and duty to yourself! Are you owning that piece?

Service to others

Kings and queens are IN SERVICE. They have a purpose and a mission to fulfill. You may not yet know your ultimate life purpose (and if you need a hand figuring that out, we can help), but you do have responsibilities in life — be it your job or caring for a family.  Royalty are always in service. You are also always in service, but what is your perspective on it? Are you doing service that you feel good about? If not, why aren’t you? Or why don’t you feel good about it? The essence of duty is service. Shifting your perspective on what it means to serve another person can change your entire outlook on life, bringing in more of that joy and happiness piece we are responsible for!


Building off the above paragraph about service, self-worth reflects into your personal self as well as your service to others. Self-worth is about valuing yourself, your work, your roles in your life. Having dignity and integrity in the work you, whatever that may be, allows the space for you to feel that strength and confidence in who you are. In North American culture, there is a stigma around service roles – any type of position where one is in “subservient” position, but in Britain for instance, the role of Butler is a very dignified and honoured position in a family house. I absolutely love the show Downton Abbey, and how its storylines reveal the two sides of a great house: the aristocrats and the servants. The servant characters, though they are in the “lower class” position, were all dignified in their approach to their work. They valued their position and the work they did, thus valuing themselves.  It’s not about status, it’s about self-worth.

Respect for others

A true queen or king has respect and compassion for all. At no time would a king or queen berate or make anyone any feel less-than. If we hold the belief that all humans are the kings or queens of their own life, then we should approach all people with that in our mind. How does royalty approach other royalty? Do we treat other humans that we encounter in life with the respect deserving of a sovereign?

Expression of your royal self

How do you present yourself to the world? Is your home your castle? If a member of the royal family were to meet you, would you feel comfortable in what you are wearing? Would you be comfortable to invite them to your home? This does not mean you have to have the most elaborate house or expensive clothes. This is about your expression of your royal self. What makes you feel like a king or queen? Wear clothes that make you feel good, in addition to just looking good. Create a sanctuary of your home, a place where you feel at peace in and is a respite from the rest of the world. What does that look for you? How does it represent you and your own unique sense of royalty?

The above qualities are not about how much money you have, or what status you have in society, but are aspects of your life that you have complete control over. The things for which you can take responsibility, just the way a king or queen does. If you start to make these small shifts in perspective, you may just start to see yourself as the king or queen that you really are!



The teachings that are found along the Path of Initiation help us to understand our divine nature, thus bringing us to realize our own royal self. There are many ways to experience this in the Modern Mystery School, starting with the Life Activation, Empower Thyself and the teachings of Wicca and Kabbalah, can all help to reveal the true essence within. Find a Guide in your area or Contact Us to learn more.


Christina Lozano

Vice-President of Modern Mystery School Canada, Christina Lozano is passionate to share with the world the teachings of Hope, Empowerment and Joy. As a International Instructor in Modern Mystery School, she specializes in Wicca and Kabbalah, as well as healing arts and other teachings, Christina truly believes that life is magickal and that everyone has within them the power to live the life they truly dream of ….and some of the keys to how to do that are hidden somewhere in this website!